The Third Way

The Third Way, 2007-2013. Six-channel video installation.
Installation view, "YUtopia," Intercultural Museum, Oslo, Norway, 2013. Photo by Bull.Miletic.
The Third Way, 2007-2013. Six-channel video installation.
Detail, six portable DVD players with 7" LCD
The Third Way, 2007-2013. Six-channel video installation.
Detail, six overlapping video projections, unsynchronized endless loop
  • 2007-2013
  • six-channel video installation
  • six portable DVD players
  • six video projectors
  • six-channel sound

This city symphony‐inspired work features phantom rides filmed in Belgrade, Ljubljana, Podgorica, Sarajevo, Skopje, and Zagreb along the cities’ Main Streets named in Tito’s honor, such as Marshal Tito’s Street, Tito’s Road, etc. The work is inspired by Dziga Vertov’s legendary film "The Man with the Movie Camera," in which the director through montage blends a number of Soviet cities into one cinematic metropolis. Unlike Vertov's film however, in which the shots from different cities are assembled linearly in a single projection, the image in "The Third Way" is formed by an overlay of six different projections coexisting on the screen in real time. The title of the piece refers to the political option largely considered as the only viable alternative to the two dominant post‐WW2 ideologies, where Yugoslavia’s interpretation of Marxism was manifested through a highly complicated system of self‐management organized within a complex network of Basic Organizations of Associated Labour (OOUR).

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