Original Copie

Original Copie, 2010.
Detail, typwriting on 100g Scandic paper
Original Copie, 2010.
Detail, carbon copy on 100g Scandic paper
  • 2010
  • typwriting and carbon copy on 100g Scandic paper
  • 29.7 x 21cm (x2)
  • diptych

The two A4 sheets of paper are framed in a floating frame side-by-side. The left sheet appears to be the "original" and the right sheet as its carbon copy. The original features a sentence that reads Non, le passť est fantastique, typewritten in red in the center of the paper. In the carbon copy le passť is interchanged with l'avenir, so the sentence reads Non, l'avenir est fantastique in carbon blue.


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